Ecommerce & Beyond: 9 Steps to Skyrocket your Sales Without a Degree in Rocket Science

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Ecommerce and Beyond is a simple, non-technical book for shop owners who are ready to succeed online, or can’t figure out why their ecommerce website is not selling as much as it should.

Despite this is available on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback versions), I've decided to send a little gift your way - it's chapter #8, where I analyse some interesting statistics, and then build an ecommerce "funnel" to target new leads, existing customers, return traffic, cart abandons, referrals.

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Great read - instructive and to the point, gives clarity to way forward. Found it good - and have recommended it to everyone in the office.

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Well written, insightful, and even enjoyable reading. I now understand what I need to do to make my website more successful on the Internet! Thank you Rodolfo.

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Excellent book! Full of super easy-to-do tips and how-to's. As an 'un-techie' person, I was able get started promoting my online jewellery store immediately in clever and helpful ways. A great resource for online business owners.

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Very helpful and informative, especially for anybody with their own business wondering what to do about an ecommerce website. Practical advice to get you started.

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Book Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Ecommerce Engine

  • Chapter 2: Why You Really Need Ecommerce

  • Chapter 3: This Is Your Time to Learn

  • Chapter 4: The Bridge to Customerville

  • Chapter 5: Getting Ready for Ecommerce

  • Chapter 6: Finding the Right Ecommerce Expert

  • Chapter 7: Ecommerce Requirements Checklist

  • Chapter 8: Nine Ecommerce Steps for Success

  • Chapter 9: Step 1: Generate Website Traffic

  • Chapter 10: Step 2: Engage

  • Chapter 11: Step 3: Enhance Trust

  • Chapter 12: Step 4: Lead Capture

  • Chapter 13: Step 5: Sharing, Referrals and Loyalty

  • Chapter 14: Step 6: Newsletter

  • Chapter 15: Step 7: Retargeting

  • Chapter 16: Step 8: Tracking and Testing

  • Chapter 17: Step 9: Publish Content

  • Chapter 18: Where to Go from Here

About the Author, Rodolfo Melogli

Hello there!

You wanted to find out more about me, so there you go…

I was born in Rome, Italy - and I wanted to do what Romans did: building roads to connect communities ("we" built 50,000 miles of roads worldwide).

So, I graduated in Engineering and emigrated to Ireland to fulfil my goal: building highways. Engineering taught me to study, plan, calculate and execute projects.

Then, recession hit, and I decided to start my own business. And guess what? I still build, plan and study a lot. I calculate ROI, conversion rates and track website analytics. I implement funnels, build landing pages and use email marketing...

You got it. I still build & maintain structures that connect communities: ecommerce websites!

And I love it.

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If you are a bricks-and-mortar shop owner, an ecommerce entrepreneur, a store sales manager or are looking for a career in “digital” sales, my simple approach to online sales will show you how and what you need to succeed.

This book is not about web design. Plenty of shiny designer websites out there simply do not convert sales. It is about turning visitors into leads and browsers into buyers. That is the essence of good ecommerce marketing – having your website sell globally, 24/7, 365 days per year and automatically, even while you sleep.

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