“The 15 Minutes/Week SEO” (Let’s Build A Profitable Online Business ep.3)

Date: 13/12/2017
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Dublin

[Note: this is episode 3 of our “Let’s Build a Profitable Online Business” series. We’re building a website together to generate regular, even passive, income. In our first episode we chose our business model and in the second we launched the website]

This month’s topic is Search Engine Optimisation.

The success of your online business depends on the quality and quantity of your website traffic.

You want readers, subscribers, sales. You want people who are engaged and who keep returning to your site over and over again.

However, how do you achieve this if you only have 15 minutes per week?

Well, first of all you need to understand what “technical SEO” is, the vital strategies and tools you should be using and how to focus on your SEO efforts. This is Part 1.

Part 2 will be on January 11th (https://www.meetup.com/Ecommerce-that-Works-Dublin/events/245561003/) and will cover our Content Strategy. There is no SEO without content – just so you know. You don’t get away with a few keywords here and there any longer.

So, this month’s topic is, once again, “Minimum Viable SEO”. You will learn these advanced tricks while we apply them to our new online business:

Differences between technical and non-technical SEO Differences between On-Site and Off-Site SEO 5 SEO must-do things on every website How to decide the keywords you need to rank for How to quickly optimize every piece of content How to do backlinking (and what it is and why you need it) How to assess your SEO Have an existing business? EVEN BETTER! There is no better way than analysing how a new website is optimized – so that you can improve your existing business.

At each meetup you will learn actionable, advanced strategies about how to build an online business from scratch – one step at a time. We’ll then apply each step to building an online business in real time.

Coming soon in the next few months:

Content marketing Tracking KPIs Video marketing Email marketing Social media marketing Influencer marketing Rebranding Online advertising C.R.O. Ecommerce marketing Taxation and much more… Think about that! This process will give you practical knowledge and experience which you will be able to use to create a new business or *strengthen* your existing one. How valuable is that?!

A new, private Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ecommerceandbeyond/) will be available to all members, so we can support each other throughout the process.

Our goal of building an online business together has just begun. A business from scratch. To make money. A real website!

Isn’t this the best way to turn our advanced Digital Marketing knowledge into practice?


Remember –> there won’t be a replay of this event.

There will be opportunities for networking with other entrepreneurs just like you, who are looking to improve their business, sell more, and want to know how to work smarter.

We will meet in one of the emerging art galleries in town: In-spire Galerie (56 Lower Gardiner Street).

Mark yourself in on your diary right now, for a meeting with your better performing, more profitable business!

I look forward to seeing you there!

Rodolfo Melogli – Author & Digital Marketer




1. How much is it, how can I pay, is it worth it?

The investment required to spend valuable time with like-minded entrepreneurs, network, learn digital marketing skills and take action is… €10. A €5 early bird is available to the first 10 people who register & pay online (Meetup.com accepts PayPal/Visa/MasterCard). If you wish to decide last minute and pay €15 at the door, that’s also possible – please bring the exact amount. Thank you!

2. What’s the event format?

The first 15minutes are dedicated to tea, coffee and networking. A 1 hour workshop will follow, plus additional 15m for Q&A. At the end, we usually move to a nearby pub to continue networking and having a bit of fun.

3. What about previous events, did people enjoy?

Thankfully, you can hear this directly from 1000+ entrepreneurs who attended our events so far. Read here or take a look at our past events feedback – it seems the worst Meetup got rated 4.8/5.0 🙂

4. Who is the Organiser?

Author, entrepreneur, web developer and internet marketer (just a few!), Rodolfo Melogli has been working as a WordPress/WooCommerce freelancer and internet marketing consultant since 2011.

With his jargon-free and easy to understand internet marketing techniques, he aims at helping business owners boost their sales in a cost-effective, smart way. And make sure they can also take ACTION instead of procrastinating 🙂

Rodolfo Melogli is the Author of “Ecommerce and Beyond“, a book dedicated to small business entrepreneurs who want to understand how to get more traffic, sales and conversions.

About The Author

Rodolfo Melogli

Author, WooCommerce expert, WordCamp speaker and Internet marketer, Rodolfo Melogli helps entrepreneurs overcome their ecommerce nightmares :) Rodolfo is the organiser of the Dublin Ecommerce Meetup, WordCamp Dublin, the Dublin WordPress Meetup and the Dublin WooCommerce Meetup. He enjoys interacting with people, running on the beach and chasing tennis & soccer balls. Of course, he loves pizza too.

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