[Slides] 80% of Sales Happen After 5 Follow-ups: How Digital Marketing Can Help

99% of your website traffic is not ready to buy your products or services – right now.

Yes, you spent a big budget on SEO and Google AdWords…

Yes, you created a content marketing strategy and attracted lots of leads (you can watch my video tutorial on content marketing here)…

Yes, you’ve attended networking events, invested in trade shows, and even purchased advertising…

…yet, the statistics does not change: 99 of 100 website visitors is not going to buy.

Good news is – we can do something to get them to come back to our website once they’re finally ready to purchase.

In sales, this is called “follow-up”.

Remember – “80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact”. And this is valid offline and online.

So, what can we do to get them back to our website? Simple:

– we can capture their email address and then follow up with Newsletters
– we can capture their “cookie” and then follow up with Retargeting

Either way, not using these strategies means 80% of our sales are not going to happen.

We’ll see:

– How to capture website leads
– How to capture MORE website leads
– How to use the “welcome” email to indoctrinate leads
– How to setup and run a Retargeting campaign
– How to measure the effectiveness of your Newsletter and Retargeting

Event Slides:


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