[Slides] 10 Marketing Automation Tools for Your Small Business (save 10+ hrs/mo)

As small business owners we have something in common: lack of time.

“I wish days were longer…”

“I wish I had an extra day a week…”

“If only I could have another me, I could work at twice the speed…”

And I heard this recently: “Time is the only thing you can’t get back”.


Thankfully, automation and (usually) free Apps and Software can turn this around. I’ve successfully and personally implemented a few “automation hacks” in the last months and, to be honest, I’m so sorry I kept this for myself.

It’s time to help you create time. You can’t get it back, but for sure you can do something to improve your productivity, avoid time losses and automate whatever is possible.

Our goal will be to discover the 10 Best Tools to make your business life easier. We’ll go through case studies, tutorials and actionable strategies to start creating time.

Sounds good?

Event Slides:

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Rodolfo Melogli

Author, WooCommerce expert, WordCamp speaker and Internet marketer, Rodolfo Melogli helps entrepreneurs overcome their ecommerce nightmares :) Rodolfo is the organiser of the Dublin Ecommerce Meetup, WordCamp Dublin, the Dublin WordPress Meetup and the Dublin WooCommerce Meetup. He enjoys interacting with people, running on the beach and chasing tennis & soccer balls. Of course, he loves pizza too.

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