[Slides] 10 Ecommerce “Secrets” to Skyrocket your Sales

Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Zappos, Alibaba. The so-called “online retail giants” have been trading online for years. They have tested hundreds of ecommerce tools, designed thousands and thousands of different webpages, improved product pages and checkout processes over the years… The problem is – we can’t AFFORD TO WASTE OUR TIME to find out what’s working and what’s not working in ecommerce. We have a business to run, networking to do, orders to fulfill, suppliers to call and returns to manage. Who has the time to do EVERYTHING?

And when time is a major problem, we’ve got to be smarter. What if we could just learn what works? Yes, you got it! We can simply COPY the best strategies from the best ecommerce websites and make the most of what has already been done, tested and proven!

I guarantee that if you do like Amazon you will increase your sales. Or that if you implement eBay’s strategy you will improve your return business. Or that if you use Groupon’s tricks, you will force people to join your newsletter and keep selling to them.

Because the best strategy in business is to copy from the best businesses. If they’re doing it already, why shouldn’t we?

Here are the top 10 improvements you can apply to your website TODAY to expect an immediate growth in sales.

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